Welcome to the SCLC New Orleans (LA) Chapter


2019 National SCLC Chapter of the Year

"One Team; One Theme  -  Keeping the Dream"

Welcome to the SCLC New Orleans (LA) Chapter


2019 National SCLC Chapter of the Year

"One Team; One Theme  -  Keeping the Dream"

In Memory Of: The Reverend Dr. Joseph Echols Lowery

3rd National SCLC President & CEO

Our beloved, Rev. Dr. Joseph Echols Lowery, made his transition peacefully at home at 10 p.m., Friday, March 27, at the age of 98. He was surrounded by his daughters.

Hailed as the "Dean of the Civil Rights Movement" upon his receipt of the NAACP's 
Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Lowery had assumed and executed a broad and diverse series of roles over the span of his nine decades: leader, pastor, servant, father, husband, freedom fighter and advocate.

Born in Huntsville, Ala., on October 6, 1921, his legacy of service and struggle was long and rich. His genesis as a civil rights advocate dates to the early 1950s, when he headed the Alabama Civic Affairs Association, which led the movement to desegregate buses and public accommodations. In 1957, with friend and colleague Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he was a co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

He served as Vice President (1957-1967), Chairman of the Board (1967-1977), and as President and Chief Executive Officer (1977-1998). To continue his legacy and promote non-violent advocacy among future generations, The Joseph E. Lowery Institute for Justice & Human Rights was founded in 2002 at Clark Atlanta University. The Institute was later renamed to include and honor Dr. Evelyn Lowery, his beloved partner in marriage and the movement for 67 years.

Calling on his over 40 years as 'pastor' and in his inimitable style, Dr. Lowery delivered the benediction on the occasion of President Barack Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the United States in 2009. Later that year, President Obama awarded him the nation's highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the nonviolent struggle for the causes of justice, human rights, economic equality, voting rights, peace and human dignity.

Please pray and respect the privacy of the entire Lowery family during this difficult time. The family will not be conducting interviews during this grieving period.

     [SOURCE: Jazzmyne Public Relations |  323-380-8819 | jazzmynepr@gmail.com


New Orleans MLK Commission Meeting

 SCLC NEW ORLEANS CHAPTER PRESENTS POSTER TO New Orleans Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Planning Commission Chair Judge Terri Love and Co-Chair Barbara Lacen Keller: (L-R) Alice Lewis, Robert Bachman, Judge Terri Love, Barbra Lacen Keller, Florida Hargrove, and Ronald Coleman [All pictured are members of SCLC]. — at Israelite Baptist Church.  Elder Bachman, Judge Love and Ms. Keller recently joined the SCLC New Orleans (LA) Chapter [Photo by Dr. Levon A. LeBan]


A VIP Tour of the Mormon Temple in Baton Rouge, LA

2019 International SCLC "Chapter of the Year"


The SCLC New Orleans (LA) Chapter was selected at the 61st Convention as SCLC "Chapter of the Year" (From left) Bernice Johnson, Florida Carr Hargrove, Dr. Levon A. LeBan, and Alice Lewis


Awarded for the work and dedication of ALL the Members


National "Justice for Girls" Certificate of Appreciation

The Louisiana Weekly Celebrates MLK & SCLC


Nearly 100 years of providing "News that matters"


VOL. XCIV NO. 18; Week of January 13-19, 2020


VOL. XCIV NO. 19; Week of January 20-26, 2020

The MLK Edition of the SCLC National Magazine


SCLC Magazine (WINTER 2020, Chapter News)


January 15, 2020

SCLC partnered with the American Red Cross to install smoke detectors


2019: Canvasing & Installing Smoke Detectors

Canvasing the Irish Channel in New Orleans

CONGRATS: 2019 National SCLC "Chapter of the Year"


61st Annual Convention Awardees included: Hon. John Lewis; Ambassador Andrew Young; and Secretary Hillary Clinton


Dr. Bernard Lafayette, the 1968 Poor People's Campaign Chairman


Bishop Calvin W. Woods, Sr., National Board Member


New Orleans Tribune (2019, Volume 35, Number 4)


SCLC Magazine (WINTER 2019, Chapter Spotlight)



Mission & Objectives of the SCLC

(PICTURED L-R): Atty. Charles Brooks, National Legal Advisor; Hon. Randall Gains, National Executive Committee Vice Chairman; Rev. Dr. Levon A. LeBan, SCLC New Orleans Chapter President; Dr. Charles K.  Steele, Jr., SCLC National President. 


At SCLC, we challenge all people of good will, of every persuasion, who believe in the principles espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to join us in our mission. 

The New Orleans Chapter of the SCLC is committed to building an organization that will address the needs of the Metropolitan New Orleans Area. By networking with members of the communities to address and combat the forces of racism, poverty, and disempowerment. 

The SCLC New Orleans Chapter will help to build a coalition of volunteers to promote social justice and to stand as a unified voice for the citizens of New Orleans and the greater surrounding Parishes. 


• To promote spiritual principles within our membership and local communities.

• To educate youth and adults in the areas of personal responsibility, leadership potential, and community service.

• To ensure economic justice and civil rights in the areas of discrimination and affirmative action.

• To eradicate environmental classism and racism wherever it exists.

We at SCLC challenge all people of good will, of every persuasion, who believe in the principles espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr. to join us in our mission. 

National SCLC Presidents

• Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 1957 to 1968

• Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy: 1968 to 1977

• Rev. Joseph E. Lowery: 1977 to 1997

• Mr. Martin L. King, III: 1998 to 2003

• Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth: 2004

• Dr. Charles Steele, Jr.: November 2005 to 2008

• Rev. Dr. Howard Creecy, Jr.: 2011

• Dr. Charles Steele, Jr.: 2012 to Present

SCLC New Orleans Chapter Presidents

• Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 1957 to 1958

• Rev. Abraham Lincoln Davis, Jr.: 1958 to 1978

• Rev. Dr. Simme Lee Harvey: 1978 to 2008

• Rev. Dr. Norwood Thompson, Jr.: 2008 to 2017

• Rev. Dr. Levon Aldon LeBan: 2017 to Present

Membership Levels

SCLC Individual Memberships:

Youth (Ages 11-17) - $10

Student (Ages 18-24) - $10

Senior (Ages 65 and Over) - $10

One Year Membership

General - $25

One Year Membership

Faithful Servant - $50

One Year Membership

Quarterly SCLC Magazine

Freedom Fighter - $100

One Year Membership

Quarterly SCLC Magazine

Dream Keeper - $250

One Year Membership

Quarterly SCLC Magazine

Membership Certificate

Drum Major - $500

One Year Membership

Quarterly SCLC Magazine

Membership Plaque

Life Membership - $2000

Lifetime Membership Plaque

Quarterly SCLC Magazine 

25% Event Registration Discount

Corporate Membership(s)

For Corporate Memberships, please contact:

The Department of Chapters and Affiliates

404.522.1420 or membership@nationalsclc.org 

To join online: http://nationalsclc.org/get-involved-2/join/

National SCLC & New Orleans Chapter Files

(1) May 1961 SCLC Newsletter: Atlanta Students & Sit-in Agreement 

(2) September 1961 SCLC Newsletter: Convention Issue

(3) 2017 National SCLC Magazine: July/August/September 2017

(4) 2017 Greetings from the SCLC New Orleans Chapter Flyer 

(5) 2018 MLK Education Series, SAVE THIS DATE

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SCLC New Orleans (LA) Chapter

We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Greater Morning Star Church of Algiers located at 1242 Vallette Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70114.  We meet at 11:00 AM. 


JOIN US: 1242 Vallette Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70114, United States

EMAIL: sclcnola@gmail.com


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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