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SCLC New Orleans & Red Cross Hurricane Response (GA)

"But for the Grace of God, there go I"

Hurricane Relief is the responsibility of every organized association, club, group, fraternity, lodge, chapter, etc.

NO ONE was physically injured!

It's a mighty God we serve

NO ONE was physically injured!

 It's a mighty God we serve 

SCLC Justice for Girls Symposium

SCLCNOLA Justice for Girls

The SCLC NOLA Justice for Girls Symposium is another community awareness program by the SCLC New Orleans Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  Joining us in this endeavor are representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Louisiana Bureau of Investigation; Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department; Independent Police Monitor; Authors Norma Chapman and Pamela Elaine Lockridge; representatives from Southern University at New Orleans and Dillard University.  Our very special invited guest from Atlanta, Georgia - Mrs. Cathelean C. Steele, First Lady of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Founder of Justice for Girls.  Special guest also include: Louisiana Senator Troy A. Carter; Louisiana Representative Randal Gaines - Louisiana Black Caucus Chairman; and, Louisiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commissioner Juana Marine-Lombard.  

Learn More About the National SCLC Justice for Girls Initiative

Justice for Girls seeks to heighten awareness of human trafficking within communities, using education to empower individuals and groups to actively work to eradicate this injustice.  We share their story with the nation, as well as discuss how we should respond politically and socially,... CLICK BELOW FOR MORE


Man Beaten By Two Off Duty NOPD Officers

U.S. Veteran Jorge "George" Gomez Beaten

Dr. L.A. LeBan & SCLC New Orleans Chapter Members

Former NOPD Officers John Galman and Spencer Sutton Arrested

SCLC New Orleans (LA) Chapter

The SCLC New Orleans (LA) Chapter TODAY!

  With the motto: “Redeeming the Soul of America,” the current areas of focus of the SCLC New Orleans Chapter are: education; criminal justice; economic sustainability; and healthcare. Specifically, the Chapter has aggressively engaged in Voter Engagement to include registration, education, and active participation. In addition, the Justice for Girls Committee centers around assisting young girls to reach their greatest potential. Also, the Chapter partnered with the Peace Keepers of New Orleans to receive community engagement training. Another partnership is with the Louisiana Region of the American Red Cross, assisting with the “Sound the Alarm” Campaign which educates residents on the importance of having an escape plan in the event of a fire and to provide free smoke detectors. Finally, the Chapter initiated a “keep toy guns from our children” campaign. That campaign seeks to eliminate “realistic-looking” toy guns from area stores AND homes.  


Anti "Real-Looking" Toy Gun Initiative

According to the Washington Post, nearly 90 people wielding "real-looking" toy guns were killed by police officers in the last several years. We submit, 1 is too many.  Help us get the message out to parents and guardians, DON'T BUY "REAL-LOOKING" TOY GUNS!  

Help us help the community:

The American Red Cross

We are stronger together!   The leadership and membership of the SCLC New Orleans Chapter has been volunteering with the Red Cross for about a year with the Louisiana floods of 2016 and the tornado of 2017.  In addition, members actively participate in the "Sound the Alarm" Campaign educating the community on the importance of having a plan in the event of a home fire.

2018 Millie Charles School of Social Work Presentation

Over 250 years of experience In the struggle for civil rights. Members (L-R) Josie LaCour, Rev. Dr. Ernest Marcelle, Sr., Florida Carr Hargrove and Attorney Robert Moffett.

Graduate MSW students in the Millie Charles School of Social Work

Dr. Samuel Odom's class, Southern University at New Orleans

SCLCNOLA "Awareness / Information / Resources"


Human trafficking is an international problem!

National Human Trafficking hotline


Information is POWER! Learn more about it.



In an emergency, dial 911.  Know what's available.



Mission & Objectives of the SCLC

(PICTURED L-R): Atty. Charles Brooks, National Legal Advisor; Hon. Randall Gains, National Executive Committee Vice Chairman; Rev. Dr. Levon A. LeBan, SCLC New Orleans Chapter President; Dr. Charles K.  Steele, Jr., SCLC National President. 


At SCLC, we challenge all people of good will, of every persuasion, who believe in the principles espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to join us in our mission. 

The New Orleans Chapter of the SCLC is committed to building an organization that will address the needs of the Metropolitan New Orleans Area. By networking with members of the communities to address and combat the forces of racism, poverty, and disempowerment. 

The SCLC New Orleans Chapter will help to build a coalition of volunteers to promote social justice and to stand as a unified voice for the citizens of New Orleans and the greater surrounding Parishes. 


• To promote spiritual principles within our membership and local communities.

• To educate youth and adults in the areas of personal responsibility, leadership potential, and community service.

• To ensure economic justice and civil rights in the areas of discrimination and affirmative action.

• To eradicate environmental classism and racism wherever it exists.

We at SCLC challenge all people of good will, of every persuasion, who believe in the principles espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr. to join us in our mission. 

National SCLC Presidents

• Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 1957 to 1968

• Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy: 1968 to 1977

• Rev. Joseph E. Lowery: 1977 to 1997

• Mr. Martin L. King, III: 1998 to 2003

• Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth: 2004

• Dr. Charles Steele, Jr.: November 2005 to 2008

• Rev. Dr. Howard Creecy, Jr.: 2011

• Dr. Charles Steele, Jr.: 2012 to Present

SCLC New Orleans Chapter Presidents

• Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 1957 to 1959

• Rev. Abraham Lincoln Davis, Jr.: 1959 to 1978

• Rev. Dr. Simme Lee Harvey: 1978 to 2008

• Rev. Dr. Norwood Thompson, Jr.: 2008 to 2017

• Rev. Dr. Levon Aldon LeBan: 2017 to Present

Membership Levels

SCLC Individual Memberships:

Youth (Ages 11-17) - $10

Student (Ages 18-24) - $10

Senior (Ages 65 and Over) - $10

One Year Membership

General - $25

One Year Membership

Faithful Servant - $50

One Year Membership

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Freedom Fighter - $100

One Year Membership

Quarterly SCLC Magazine

Dream Keeper - $250

One Year Membership

Quarterly SCLC Magazine

Membership Certificate

Drum Major - $500

One Year Membership

Quarterly SCLC Magazine

Membership Plaque

Life Membership - $2000

Lifetime Membership Plaque

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25% Event Registration Discount

Corporate Membership(s)

For Corporate Memberships, please contact:

The Department of Chapters and Affiliates

404.522.1420 or 

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National SCLC & New Orleans Chapter Files

(1) May 1961 SCLC Newsletter: Atlanta Students & Sit-in Agreement 

(2) September 1961 SCLC Newsletter: Convention Issue

(3) 2017 National SCLC Magazine: July/August/September 2017

(4) 2017 Greetings from the SCLC New Orleans Chapter Flyer 

(5) 2018 MLK Education Series, SAVE THIS DATE

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SCLC New Orleans Chapter

We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Community Commitment Education Center located at 8540 Spruce Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118-3871, on the corner of Leonidas Street.  We meet at 11:00 AM. 




Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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